June 2023

garden project lifecycle maintenance phase

Garden Project Lifecycle: Maintenance Phase

Garden Maintenance Overview The maintenance phase of any garden project is, perhaps, the most challenging. In software engineering, developers support the software and client by fixing any errors in the software. Similarly, with garden maintenance, our goal is to keep your plants alive, keep your landscape features in working order, and fix any issues that […]

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garden lifecycle implementation phase

Garden Project Lifecycle: Implementation Phase

The implementation phase is where the plans start becoming reality! This phase is also the most physically demanding, unless you’re supervising others or hiring others to do the work. During the implementation phase, software engineers often use an integrated development environment (IDE) to facilitate writing code and developing software. This development environment includes a centralized

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Agile Gardening Introduction

Introduction to Agile Gardening Agile gardening borrows principles and ideas from agile software development. In this post, we explore the similarities and differences between software development and gardening. We also explain why every gardener should be agile. Software engineering and gardening seem like two very different fields. However, they both have something in common —

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